"No, I'm telling you the truth. I would never tell a lie..."

— To Rei and Levi


Ms. Iris


15px Female

Date of birth

9 (Appears)

10 )Realtiy)

Hair Color


Eye Color


Professional Status

Alford Clan

Personal Status



Levi Alford (Father)

Rei Alford (Mother)

Shin Alford (Older Brother)

Kouga Alford (Step Older Brother)

Alice Alford (Older Sister)

Elica Alford (Older Sister)

Ayame plays a very minor role. She is the little sister of Alice , Elica , Shin, Kouga. Her father is someone from the Spencer family and her mother is Rei.


Ayame has fair-pale skin and bright blue eyes. Her hair is about waist length with very wild, messy bangs framing her face while her hair looks to be worn down, but in a very thick/big braid held with a pastel pink frilled ribbon. She looks like her mother but in pre-teen way.  Her normal outfit consists of a blue, puff sleeved ankle-length dress, with a white apron worn over it, and tied in a bow in the back. As accessories she wears a necklace with a gold pendant


Ayame has a very gentle appearance, and does not seem to be a bad person or naughty. However, she is usually skipping out on her school work, much like how Kouga would if given the chance to go and have fun instead. Considering she is seen holding a Kouga doll, she may very much like Kouga. she may have a minor (compared to her mother) sadistic streak. She values friendship, and takes it very seriously.


  • "Uh-oh... I did it again."
  • A-k-e-to? 'Aw, that's not a cute name at all..."


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