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15px Male


178cm (5'10")


18 (Appears) 28 (Actually)

Hair Color


Eye Color

Mallow (Right)

Red (Right)

Golden (Before Death)

Blood Type


Professional Status



Levi Alford Other Alford

Base of Operations

Alford Mansion

Personal Status



Rei Alford (Wife)

Alice Alford (Daughter)

Elica Alford (Daughter)

Shin Alford (Son)

Kouga Alford (Son)

Ayame Spencer/Alford (Step Daughter)

"You're an interesting group..."

—To Kogarasumaru Team

Under Constuction.

Levi was the former head of the Alford family, the Glen Alford, preceding Kouga. When Kogarasumaru Team was introduced to the Alfords after crashing a small party hosted by the Sayers family, Levi was already on the verge of death, having discovered his successor and was in the process of transferring the gems into to Kouga body. Levi is the father of Alice and Elica. however shortly after their fourteenth birthday, Levi's body mutated into a gem known as the Ice Silver Crystal. 


Levi had long white hair, which he had pulled back into a braid that had been tied around a ponytail coming out from the back of his head. A small section of Levi's bangs was allowed to drape over his face, reaching down to his shoulders, while another section of hair was brought forward from the back of his head and tied in a long braid which draped over his left shoulder. When taken out of its braid, Levi's hair was shown to have been long and flowing, reaching the entirety of his torso in length. Levi had tired red and purple eyes.

After his daughters fourteenth birthday, the sclera of his eyes lessened and lessened until it was no longer visible and his eyes became golden. 


Levi's overall personality was quite cheerful, tending to be rather sarcastic, finding entertainment in most situations no matter how inappropriate his humor may be at the time. Levi always seems to have a reason to smile despite facing his own potential death and losing people who he cares for. Although he does show that he can be serious if needed. It appears that he has a strange way of showing his humor as shown when he laughed at Kouga's observation and when Alice and Celia pulled  Kogarasumaru Team away from them.

Levi did display that his preferred style of wielding knives is using reverse-grip which he tough Alice.


  • "'You're an interesting group..."
  • "You look like a living corpse, Shin."
  • "I impregnated Rei, and Alice and Elica were born..."
  • "It's pretty unusual for you to show interest in someone."


  • Rearange Levi to make evil.

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