the cage dragon is a A-T team with 9 members. the cage dragon is spilt into to group with 4 members in each group the first group is called cage and the second is called dragon and the leader Tsuiaku Gato control both of the group. all members of the group are childhood friends and spent thier childhood training and fighting each other so thier are skilled for thier age and class. the team also has three tuners working for the team.


the team is founder before the start of the story by tsuiaku is quickly rise up the parts war to become A class team. shortly after this event Aiku goes of to start his own team with Rif and Jurian. the rest of the team try and stop them but Tsuiaku lets them go because they must fly free on there own wings and they will meet next in the upcomeing GS tourament. the reason way Aiku leaves is still unknown

leader Edit

Tsuiaku Gato

is the founder and head of the cage dragon and is the current peak king of the mountain road which he created him self. he is amazing at jumping and gain height. then to destory his enemy from above and is by far the most powerful member of the team but he only fights in imporant battle and when on of the group's are in trouble. he taught his younger brother Aiku and sister Misuto to ride the terra and frozen road's. he used to be a member of a other storm rider team but he left to start his own team

cage Edit

Jeik Garnef

is a foundering member and leader of cage. he is the current surge king of satic road which he created him self. he is a speed type rider and the fastest member of the team and he is use to out speed his enemy

Rojar Daros

is a second of cage and he rides the lather road then later rides the swamp road. he is used to bog down and slow his enemy. he and rif are twin brothers

Rif Daros

is third of cage and he rides the wing road then later rides the desert road which he created him self. he is used to distract his enemy and blind them. he and rojar are twin brothers. he later leaves with Jurian to join Aiku's team and he is the 3rd lost child

Chiki Dantu

is the fourth and final member of cage and she rides the fear road which she created her self. she is used the scare he enemy is to giveing up the battle and all so gives the enemy a fear of height


Rinda Seazar

is a founding member and she is the leader dragon. she is the current forest queen of the wood road which she created he self. she is a power type rider and is the stongest member of the team. she is used to trap her emeny in any endless forest. she is the oldest member of the team

Jurian Radi

is the second member of dragon and he rides the broken which road he created him self. he is used to break apart his emeny's road. he later leaves with Rif to join Aiku's team and he is the 5th lost child

Aiku Gato

is the third member of dragon and he rides the terra road which he learnt from his older brother Tsuiaku. he is used to crush his emeny is to dust. he has hidden power and will one day become one of the most power A-T rider's ever. he is the youngest members and is the younger brother of his older brother Tsuiaku and his sister Misuto. he later start his own team with Jurian and Radi called and he is the 13th lost child

Misuto Gato

is the fourth and final member of dragon and she rides the frozen road which she learnt from her older brother Tsuiaku. she is used to stop he opponet on the spot and the she will shatter them apart. she will one day become and power queen of A-t's. she is the sister of Aiku and Tsuiaku.

tuners Edit

Rindisu furornia

is Tsuiaku gato's tuner from first when he started to fly and is the one who created the mountian regalia. she is completely loyal to Tsuiaku and she rides the bond rider which is her version of the ring road. she is also the only for the world that own about Tsuiaku's past.

Eren Kurarnie

is Jeik Garnef's tuner and the one who created static regalia. she rides the ring road.

Sain Haken

is Rinda seazar's tuner and the one who created the forest regalia. he rides the ring road but doesn't like to fly.

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